Dash Baxter
Danny Phantom 33 259





Hair Color

Dirty Blonde

Eye Color

Dark Blue






Marina Baxter (Mother), Issac Baxter (Father), Jazz Fenton-Baxter (Wife), Danny Fenton (Brother-in-law), Sam Manson-Fenton (Sister-in-Law), Dani Fenton-Lewis (Sister-in-Law), Christopher Lewis (Brother-in-Law), Io Baxter (Daughter), Ken Baxter (Son), Tanner Baxter (Son), Rebeka Baxter (Daughter), Ryan Baxter (Son), Vespira Lewis/Phantom (Niece), Henry Lewis/Phantom (Nephew), John Lewis/Phantom (Nephew), Lila Fenton/Phantom (Niece), Cameron Fenton/Phantom (Nephew), Samuel Fenton/Phantom (Nephew), Destiny Fenton/Phantom (Niece)


NFL Football Player/Casper High School PE/Football coach, Ghost Hunter


Danny, Tucker, Sam, Kwan, Valerie, Dani, Brick, Blossom, Boomer, Bubbles, Butch, Buttercup


21-25 (Immortal)

Dash Baxter is the most popular guy in Casper High School, being a quarterback of the football team - as well as a member of every sports team (basketball, etc.). Dash can get away with just about anything, and usually does while he dominates over his peers and sucks up to teachers. Later on, he begins to date Jazz and makes a truce with Danny and his friends. He later becomes apart of Team Phantom and marries Jazz.


He is a typical American boy with dirty blonde hair (which is spiked in the back) along with dark blue eyes. He is very muscular and fit, he usually wears a white wife-beater with dark blue jeans and orange Nikies. He also wears a dark red jacket (open) with a peace symbol necklace. He also has four piercings on his left ear along with two on his right.


At the top of the high school popularity list, Dash is a selfish, cruel, and mean bully to those who dwell on the bottom. While adults like teachers give his behavior a pass most of the time because he's a victorious football player, many of his peers despise and fear him. Whenever something goes wrong for him, Dash will most likely take his frustration out on innocent students, like Danny, his favorite target to bully and humiliate. Enjoying his superiority over others, he never has second thoughts about shoving people in lockers or giving them wedgies. When he is humilimated by his enemies, Danny being the offender often, he becomes enraged and determined to avenge his dignity. Although very athletic and strong, Dash isn't very intelligent; which later on changes showing that he is just as intelligent as his wife Jazz is. Jazz has to tutor him in Attack of the Killer Garage Sale so that he can get better grades, and fails a test in Shades of Gray. He frequently calls Danny unimaginative derogatory nicknames like "Fen-toad", "Fen-toenail", "Fen-turd" "Fen-tertainment Tonight", and "Fen-tuns 'o fun". However, he is creative in some cases, such as building a better spooky room than Danny, with animatronics and a roller coaster, during their competition in Fright Night. In addition, Dash isn't as tough as he tries to make himself appear, as many characters learn. Danny's powers have revealed certain disturbing things about Dash, like the fact that Dash secretly collects teddy bears. He also holds a soft spot for old romance movies, listens to boy bands and watches the Romance Channel.


He may be a ninth-grader like Danny, but Dash is the big man on campus at Casper High. He is the most popular guy in school, guys wanting to be him and girls wanting to date him. And this football jock likes nothing more than harassing unpopular geeks, especially Danny. But the tables have turned now that Danny has super powers, and sometimes he just can't resist making Dash look like a fool. He gets a starring role in Micro Management alongside Danny as he, Skulker, and Danny are shrunk to around an inch high by Jack. As a result, he and Danny have to work together to defeat Skulker and get back to normal size. It is also revealed in this episode that Dash has some level of respect for Danny Phantom. When Dash, along with the rest of the world, finds out Danny's identity in Reality Trip, he almost instantly helps Danny in escaping the Guys in White, along with Paulina, Kwan and others, showing that his respect for Danny Phantom outweighs his desire to bully Danny Fenton. It is revealed Dash has a puppy named Pooky in Forever Phantom. In the episode Frightmare, while Danny was trying to wake Sam up by going into her dream, Dash is shown in Sam's dream. Right when Sam sees two Danny's, it was then when the real Danny went into Dash's body and said that he was the real Danny Phantom as he shows her changing into his ghost form, immediately causing Sam to wake up from terror and shock.