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The Powerpuff Girls


The seventh episode. The Powerpuff Girls, the rowdyruff boys, and Powerpunk Girls are at school and are now rivaling each other.


Part One

Now that The Powerpunk Girls are now in school with The Powerpuff Girls and the rowdyruff boys they are rivals. The show starts at school, at a class of science. After science, they get insulted by The Powerpunk Girls. The Rowdyruff Boys defends The Powerpuff Girls, but Brat's sassy personality upsets Brick and loses his temper but is stopped by Butch, Boomer, and Blossom.

The Powerpuff Girls go to their specials. First with Blossom with her Acting Club, doing her play Sleeping Beauty. She is force to use Berserk. Berserk keeps messing up, upseting Blossom, and arging with Blossom.

Next with Bubbles, Bubbles teaches her squart some new cheers to cheer on The Rowdyruff Boys when they Basketball. However; Brat keeps upsetting Bubbles and messes up the squart on purpose, causing Bubbles to be force to cancel their cheerleading practice. Bubbles cries, but Brat slaps her, saying, "quit acting such a baby."

With Buttercup, she is praticing her soccer team soccer. Her newest member, Brute is going to be on the soccer team for now on. Even time Buttercup's is the goaly, Brut always kicks the soccer ball at Buttercup's face. Finally, Buttercup is loses her temper, but then gets detention.

Part Two

At lunch, The Powerpuff Girls and The Rowdyruff Boys and Anna, having a "meeting". They decide how the Powerpunk Girls keeps getting them in trouble on purpose. Then once again The Powerpunk Girls confront The Powerpuff Girls again. The other students eating witness this. The Powerpunk Girls says they clearly have no taste at all, This makes all three Powerpuff Girls to lose their tempers, and fight The Powerpunk Girls in an enrage battle.

They defeat The Powerpunk Girls and The Powerpunk Girls gets detention. Buttercup is no longer has detention. The episode ends with Bubbles cheering for Boomer and his brothers on the basketball team.