The second episode of the series and the 23rd episode. Blossom and Bubbles discover Buttercup has a diary and reads it revealing her sercet crush.


The episode starts Buttercup leaves for soccer practice. Blossom and Bubbles joyfully jump on the bed playing pillow fight.

Bubbles then falls down off the bed. As she does she knocks down Buttercup's pillow off the bed. Blossom spots a light green diary on Buttercup's side of the bed. It is then reveal to be Buttercup's. They both read a page:

Butch is SOOOO CUTE! Yesterday, he was sooo looking at me and smiling at me. Butch was even cheering for me at soccer practice. Also, he told me I was cuter than a soccer ball! My heart close to him.

Then Blossom and Bubbles burst out laughing, over the part cuter than a soccer ball. Then they see Buttercup from outside, talking to Butch, then coming in. Blossom and Bubbles put the diary back under Buttercup's pillow. Buttercup comes in and says what's up. Blossom and Bubbles say nothing.

The next day, while Buttercup's at soccer practice, Blossom and Bubbles read Buttercup's Diary again:

Butch is totally funny! I know he's soo in to me! He gave me his own sock to keep! So awesome!

Then the two burst out laughing. Then they hear Buttercup, and put her diary back under her pillow. Buttercup shows up, and asks them what are they doing. They say nothing. Then later, The Rowdyruff Boys come over to play with the girls.

The next day, Blossom and Bubbles read Buttercup's Diary again while Buttercup's at soccer practice. However; they over read it and Buttercup's comes back finding them reading her diary. Blossom and Bubbles tries to reason with her, but Buttercup doesn't listen being deeply furious.

Buttercup fights them in a battle. They finally stop when Blossom and Bubbles promise Buttercup they'll never read her diary ever again. Buttercup then forgives them. A stone then knock aganist the window. Buttercup walked over and saw Butch waving. Buttercup run down the stairs and out the door. Blossom and Bubbles watch the two talk. Butch and Buttercup then walk away together. Blossom and Bubbles both giggle.

However; the next day when Buttercup's at soccer practice, Blossom and Bubbles continue to read Buttercup's diary while giggling. Butch then caught them and told Buttercup that they were "giggling because of some green book.", so Buttercup quickly headed to their room in shock. Blossom and Bubbles then flew off, With Buttercup following. They chased each other around until they got all the way to the mall, where they stopped and completely forgot what they'd been fighting about and just went to get drinks in the food court.

The episode then cuts to Butch still standing outside the girls house when the professor walks out and asks him whats wrong. Butch then simply replies "Girls..." And the episode ends.