Bunny Reborn by Dynamoe

bunny shrinks to normal size

The 20th episode of the series. The creators decided to put back Bunny into the series, with a more likely appearance for Bunny.


Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are bored and The Rowdyruff Boys come over to hang out. The Powerpuff Girls tell the Rowdyruff Boys a sad story about Bunny, they show the only thing left of Bunny- a piece of her dress The Rowdyruff Boys say they could make Bunny to come back to life. The Powerpuff Girls are really interested in that idea. As The Girls think, they go to the basement and recreate Bunny the right way, using:

  • sugar, spice and everything nice (hearts, dolls, bunnies. etc) and a piece of Bunny's drawing. And the last thing: chemical x.

Then the mix explodes. Bunny is remade and her appearance looks like the girls now. Bunny's ponytail is longer. Bunny is happy to see them again. The 4 girls go to the mall to give Bunny another outfit for her.

They go home and create two more girls for Bunny, named Banana and Bell. Their team name is The Strongershine Girls, and Blossom says their are monsters and bad guys taking over Landville. The 3 new girls then head to that place. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are happy for them. then they make 3 ittle boys. the first boy was wering a red t shirt with a b in the middle of it. also he wore dark blue jeans and light red sneakers and he wore a bright red baseball cap turend front. the second boy wore the same thing as his brother but no cap and his shirt was aqua marine and no b on it. he had blonde hair with blue streaks in it. the third boy had black hair in a ponytail. he also wore a lime green sweat shirt. as for the stonger shines bunny now wore a purple dress with pink butterflies around the neck line. bananas dress was pink with a lilac dragonfly embroiderednear the hem. bells dress was deap red covered in golden hearts. she also wore a gold headband.