Bubble Growth

The second episode of the new PowerPuff Girls series. When Bubbles drinks one of the Professor's lab expieriments and turns into a giant.


The PowerPuff Girls and The Rowdyruff Boys are seen cleaning up the Professor's lab. Bubbles was thirsty so she looked for her drink around the table. Bubbles picked up a large glass full of light blue liquid. Bubbles thought it was water so she drank it. Blossom and Brick said at the same time not to drink it but it was to late because she already drank it. Bubbles shook and shaked all over until she was huge. Butch laughed and pointed at her. Buttercup did the same. Blossom flew over and kicked them both in the leg. Buttercup was furious so she began to tackle Blossom. Boomer flew over crying and said "I want my girlfriend back to normal size NOW!!!!!" Blossom and Buttercup were in shock in Boomer's shy personality turning into a furious personality. Bubbles stood there crying and saying that she wanted her normal size back. None of them knew what to do. Boomer quickly says he has a idea and flys up to The PowerPuff Girls room. He finds a silver needle and flys back downstairs. Bubbles cries even more because she knew what Boomer was going to do. In one pinch from the needle Bubbles returned to her normal size. Bubbles flew over and hugged Boomer everywhere. Bubbles says your my hero to Boomer and kisses him on the cheek and he rebuilds Townsville.

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