The Leader Of The Power Puff Girls Z!


Blossom Z

  • Blossom is very smart and enjoys the wonders of sweets and her boyfriend Brick Jojo. She has a younger sister who annoys her everyday, Kasey.
  • Blossom's favorite sweet of all time-WURLY CAKES
  • Signature Weapon: Bow & Arrows
  • Transformation Name: Hyper Blossom
    Signature Color: Pink

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Likes & Dislikes

Likes Dislikes
Brick Jojo(Boy Friend) Getting Dirty
Iris(Best Friend) Candy Is Stolen
Bloomas(Daughter) Kasey Annoying Her
Bubbles(Team Mate) Friends Hurt
Buttercup(Team Mate) HIM
Lan(Friend) Solo
Geo(Friend) Zola
Chaud(Friend) Berserk
Her Family Rage
Profesor Utonium Bass
Candy Not Having Sweets All Day
Pink Brick Messing up Her hair
Reading Not having new comics
Dark Magician Girl

Family Members



Kasey(Younger Sister)

In My Chats

  • Blossom is the same in my chats as she is in the show PPGZ her rival in my chats is Berserk(Who later turned good but then turned evil again once her father Bass arived) and Rage(Berserk's older brother) Blossom faught along side Brick Jojo in Chat 80 during the epic fight to save New Townsvile! In season 2 she then went into a coma like Brick. Blossom awoke from a nightmare and was unable to talk or walk. She was then carried home by Brick who awoke from his coma early then Blossom did.
  • In Chat 49 Season 1 A new Z ray emerged(Dark Magician Girl created this Z ray along with HIM's Black Dust counterpart-White dust)and hit Blossom making her yoyo dissapear and replacing it with a new weapon and making her much stronger then before


White Thunder Z Ray From Chat 49 Season 1

New Weapon: Bow & Arrows


Blossom And Her New Weapon

Things Blossom Shares With Iris

Iris & Blossom

Smart Girls
Love Candy

           Both Names Are Flowers



Blossom Transformation

Blossom Transformation