• BubblesxBoomer4ever

    Ok guys so i want to know who your fave couple is. I know that one of you is a fan of BlossomxDexter, but just tell me your favorite couple, OK?

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  • Bunnyboo50

    The Power of Brat

    August 22, 2010 by Bunnyboo50

    The powerpunk Girls has been confirm to be in the Second Series. So what do you guys think of Brat?

    Despite her sassy and bad girl personality, in a few episodes, she (along with her sisters) show a much nice and kinder side sometimes.

    Also, she is said to be the most popular Powerpunk Girl of the three. The other is Brute #2 and Berserk #3.

    Brat does have a fashion sense, like Bubbles, and usually in some episodes wears different outfits, instead of her tanktop and skirt:

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  • Bunnyboo50

    On this blog, tell who is your favorite Powerpunk is? The girls are: Berserk, Brat, and Brute.

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  • Daisy56

    Powerpuff Girls Z!

    August 14, 2010 by Daisy56

    Alright, we all know that there is going to be an episode named Super Z, in which the girls dress up as possibly as their anime counterparts, the Powerpuff Girls Z. I was wondering how would they look like, when I cam across a certain picture on DeviantART, which I admit isn't mine, so don't get mad at me for not asking permission; I don't have an account on there. :/ So, I'm going to post a few pics, and tell me what you guys think of them. Thankz! Blossom♥Dexter Probably the most amazing couple the world will never know...... 04:30, August 14, 2010 (UTC)


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