• Serawason2507

    Blossick Family

    December 11, 2019 by Serawason2507

    Blossom thích Brick, cô ấy đã chiến đấu với Brick trong trận chiến cuối cùng trước tiên cô ấy là đối tác với Brick. Blossom cũng muốn biết Brick thích cô ấy, và vâng, Brick thích rất nhai nhưng anh ta không bao giờ ra tòa với Blossom. Trong tương lai, họ có tên là Phanh. 

    Phanh để quên thực sự thích cha mình. Anh ấy là một người siêu phàm, thích gia đình, anh ấy rất mạnh mẽ, anh ấy có thể bay, anh ấy có thể đốt cháy đôi mắt lười biếng và anh ấy có một hơi thở như băng giống như mẹ mình. Ngoại hình của phanh trông giống bố, ngoại trừ đôi mắt màu hồng giống mắt của mẹ. Blake có ba anh em họ, là Bruts, Buddy và Butterfly. Bruts and Butterfly là những đứa trẻ của Buttcercup, Buddy là con trai của Boomblub.

    Không thích bố, Phanh là một cậu bé vui…

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  • RobinSynderGamePlay

    My OC: Oliver

    November 3, 2018 by RobinSynderGamePlay

    Oliver is my oc character when has sportman and video gamer but hero and killing all enemies (Mojo Jojo, Princess and anything).

    Clother: Steven Universe

    Eye: Green

    Body: normal skin

    Occuption: Sportman, Videogamer, Fighter, Decetive, Sport, Fitness and anymore

    Location: Townsville maybe Centeal Europe.

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  • XxWebbyWebxX


    April 25, 2018 by XxWebbyWebxX

    There's a page in a category with profanity and hate speech about Blossom. Is this vandalism?

    How to find it: Go to Most visited Arcticles, then go to characters, then look at the bottom page. Thats what I'm talking about.

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  • TheScientistxHeroine

    Hello! So basically by my profile pic I am a Dexter x Blossom shipper. (Yes I've realized the ship does get a bit or a lot of hate) but I do love the pairing and hope my opinion is respected. I don't mean to anger any other shippers such as Blossick (Blossom x Brick) I just believe that Dexter and Blossom have a bit more in common and share the same interests  (Smarts and more maturity things) and even though Dexter may not be in the Powerpuff girls show he has made a few cameos/appearances so it is possible that he could be present in TownsVille? But honestly it'd be great just to see a powerpuff girl who is not with their male counterpart it would be more interesting and a nice change. I don't think this ship deserves most of the hate it…

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  • TRILERS3000


    September 11, 2016 by TRILERS3000

    oh no hellopale change images to nothing to do with ppg please help godess cure mystic to revert the vandalism.

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  • Thaxander12


    April 7, 2016 by Thaxander12

    Are fancharacters allowed? I wanted to know because I want to join this's REALLY awesome and I thought I could transfer my ppg fanon stuff here for roleplay..if no then I'll understand.

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  • Thunderlina

    So, hey guys! I just want to tell you some AWESOME news. But first, I recommend going to this page: The Strongershine Girls Star Hunt. It is the topic of this Blog Post.

    Super Awesome News Guys and Girls! I'm making The Strongershine Girls Star Hunt a real playable game! Squee! It will be posted to My Scratch Pagewhen it's finished and I'm SUPER EXCITED! I'm going to try to fit as much detail on the original page in it as possible, so I'll post the link to the game when it's done! SQUEE!

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  • Thunderlina

    Shipping Rant

    March 20, 2015 by Thunderlina

    OK, before reading this rant, I reader discretion is advised. This rant is my personal thoughts and opinions about Cartoon/Video Game shipping. If you don't like this kind of thing, I suggest you leave now.

    OK, So, anyone here ship fictional characters? Yes? OK. I'm fine with that. Do you ship the Powerpuff girls with the Rowdyruff boys? Yes? Why? Because they're counterparts? Thats a bad reason. So my first point here is when people ship characters that just don't belong together. I mean seriously? The whole Puff X Ruff thing makes NO sense. The Rowdyruff boys and Powerpuff girls HATE each other in EVERY REAL VERSION OF POWERPUFF GIRLS THERE IS!! They have never even remotely liked each other, so why in the world of hell would they love ea…

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  • Shojo-chan cat

    I hardly remembered being on here, let alone editing on this wikia. It's been four years since I've last edited??? It also looks like I tired to audition for Bubbles for PGGZ, and it's embarrassing to watch.

    I also forgot this wiki's objective? Does the founder even edit here anymore? I'm still surprised that this wikia is still active. The background has been the same for awhile too...

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  • Icebatofvalikinrrbz8


    November 11, 2013 by Icebatofvalikinrrbz8



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  • Diamond125

    I love Powerpuffgirls z

    September 28, 2013 by Diamond125

    I love Powerpuffgirls z because they are awesome

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  • Emilly Nathaly

    Super poderosas

    September 15, 2013 by Emilly Nathaly

    É a líder das meninas super poderosas,naturalmente, embora um pouco reservada nesta versão do que na série TV.

    Tem uma especie de relacionamento com Dexter.

    Tem cabelos ruivos e compridos e anda quase sempre com um laço vermelho na cabeça e o uniforme cor-de-rosa (bem nesta imagem não)

    O nome é Florsinha mas em outros paises ou jogos é mais conhecida como Blossom,tem relacionamentos com Brick um rapaz do grupo RRB e um garoto chamado Dexter "o menino genio" mas não sei qual dos dois ela vai escolher

    olhem algumas fotos:

    Acho eles fofos principalmente na hora do beijo a parte mais bonita que tem mas a Blossom(Florsinha), tem que escolher se quer ficar com ele ou não quero saber muito muitissimo o resultado.

    Não posso diser qual eu prefiro para el…

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  • Alexandra.roybal.7

    I can't believe it, its been so long since I watced the Powerpuff Girls. I loved watching them when I was little, my favorite character was Buttercup, she's so cool and tough. And a few months ago I came across some video of a japanese version of the powerpuff girls "Powerpuff Girls Z"! I actually didn't realized they did a japanese version, but as I watched it I actually liked it and decided to finish watching the rest of the seasons. I kinda like better than the other, but I still like both, and both different versions of Buttercup. Now what would awsome if they made a movie of the Powerpuff Girls-but not animated, real life.

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  • L-i-l-y 5000

    read please

    February 26, 2013 by L-i-l-y 5000

    So before i start, I want you all to know this is'nt a spam, It's just a new wikia that you might love.

    Okay, now this wikia is all about creativity. Basicly you can make any storie about anything you want.It's new so it's not just done yet, but still that does'nt mean you can't make your super amazingly fantastic stories, Just  keep them clean and let  your mind flow about whatever!!! So let's say your on a fanon wikia for a show or game, but you want to make a story that has nothing to do with it, then just come to this wikia and make it how you want, just click this link and be on your way to creativity!!!=

    And everyone, please don't be shy,  we actually would love for you to m…

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  • Shojo-chan cat

    Since everyone has mixed views on couples I decided to start a poll, I have no idea what I'm suppose to do since everyone keeps on changing The current Dexter x Blossom with Brick, so I made this poll. Since a similar blog happened with the Dexter situation, dexter over ruled. So far Dexter and Blossom is leading, but this is the official poll so please give you honest opinions!

    Brick and Blossom- A

    Dexter and Blossom-B

    Brick and Berserk-C

    Blossom and a new charcater-D

    Berserk and a new character-E

    Brick and a new character- F

    Dexter and a new character-G

    Bubbles and Boomer- H

    Bubbles and Cody (the boy in Powerpuff girl Z, uh he's so nice I love this couple!)-I

    Bubbles and a new character-J

    Brick and a new character-K

    Brat and Inferno-L

    Brat and a new …

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  • Goddess Cure Mystic
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  • Shojo-chan cat

    Hello everyone!

    July 22, 2012 by Shojo-chan cat

    Hello I'm Webkinz223, a proud wiki contributor. I have notice during my absence most administers haven't been here for a while. Includings the creator of the project. Even though I'm not an administer it doesn't mean I can't help people follow the rules. I'm not making up these rules, you can find the on the home page.

    Here are a set of rules you must follow:

    1. Do not underestimate the Powerpuff Girls!

    2. Any idiot can edit here as long as they never add any swear words.

    3. The most important thing always is to...HAVE FUN!

    Yet I don't feel like most of you are having fun. I noticed someone deleted an episode made bye a co-writer. Even though you don't agree with it please don't delete! I don't think they're having fun. Also can you guys please…

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  • Brickz


    March 9, 2012 by Brickz

    brickz love intrest blossom/momokolikes:boyish stuff momoko/blossom.dis likes: girlystuff ppgz coodies.

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  • Bunnyboo50


    January 22, 2012 by Bunnyboo50

    Auditions for a Season 2 is still open:









    Berserk, Brat, Butch-The Powerpunk Girls Z

    Mojo Jojo



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  • PPGZaddict

    Happy Holidays!

    November 18, 2011 by PPGZaddict

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS POWERPUFFS! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hoped you enjoyed your 2011 year, 2012's comin up!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • PPGZaddict

    Brick or Dexter?

    October 24, 2011 by PPGZaddict

    Hey! I got a question..

    Who do you think is much more good for Blossom? Brick? or Dexter?

    Comment now!

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  • Pooandmom

    What do you guys think? Blossom and Brick or Blossom and Dexter?

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  • Webber17

    so i just looked at that movie where the ppg and the rrb race around the world and only the first part out of so if you please edit i would but i'm not that creative plus i'm new so yeah BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Bunnyboo50

    The Powerpuff Girls Z Wiki has finally been created by me herself. This wiki includes badges and points. If you want to join, please come here: [[1]]

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  • Berserk12345


    March 8, 2011 by Berserk12345

    guys thankyou for liking my posts and edits i hope you accept me as a writer. --Berserk12345 00:56, March 8, 2011 (UTC)berserk12345--Berserk12345 00:56, March 8, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Bunnyboo50

    Expedition Soon!

    March 6, 2011 by Bunnyboo50

    We need more users on here to audition for the characters that are needed for Seasons 1 and 2 of The Powerpuff Girls Z. One audition has been completed. Soon we'll be off to Cartoon Studios in a few months.

    Berserk12345 has completed her audition for Buttercup/Kaoru: [[1]]

    We need more lefted (maybe just Momoko and Miyako for now):

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  • Bunnyboo50


    February 17, 2011 by Bunnyboo50

    Okay, operation auditions are coming soon for the actual show and characters in the series we need to voice is:









    Brick Z

    Boomer Z

    Butch Z

    I wonder who's on the audition list!

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  • Bunnyboo50

    It is time to release our first fanmade trailor of our fanmade second series of The Powerpuff Girls Z Adventure Heroes! It will be made by Bunnyboo50 this Valentine's Day. It will be posted on Youtube by SprinklesBunny (Bunnyboo50). Until then, there will be a link on this blog.

    NOTE: There will be fan auditions on Youtube and this wiki (by unusual users).


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  • Bunnyboo50

    This the 2011 Powerpuff Awards! You going to vote for your favorite character, pairing, episode, pic, villain, etc.

    Who is your favorite Powerpuff Girls?

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  • Bunnyboo50

    Hey you guys!

    I have very good news to share with you!

    I'm going to audition Shelly the Hedgehog for Sonic Heroes 2! Also, be an understudy for the role!

    Wish me luck guys!

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  • Blossom114

    Can someone tell me what this site is all about? I sthis site about REAL episodes or fanmade? I don't get it... :(

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  • Pinkielover

    love by abby:)

    December 12, 2010 by Pinkielover

    i love you you love me we`re a happy family of users with a great big hug and a big kiss from me to you wont you all say you love us all:)

    i love you you love me we`re all best friends like all users should be with a great big hug and a big kiss to me to you wont you say you love us all

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  • Seddie Lover

    Hello and AHHHH!! My sister has been block off iCarly Wiki!!!! And now she is throeing her temper tantrums! We need to help her!!

    Any subjections?

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  • Seddie Lover

    We should create The Powerpuff Girls Z: Adventure Heroes! series for both the english and japenese version.

    We can add new characters to it, and episodes. I was even thinking adding The Powerpunk Girls!

    I was even able to give Bubblesxboomer4ever her wish of Bunny appearing in the show. I like her pictures and her japenese version name Miko. If there's anymore characters you want inside, girls, just ask me!

    What Bunnyboo50 says we need a voice actors, episodes list, flim croop, team, etc.

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  • BubblesxBoomer4ever


    November 19, 2010 by BubblesxBoomer4ever

    ok girls get ready cuz this is gonna shock ur socks off

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  • Bunnyboo50

    New Adminstor of the Wiki

    November 18, 2010 by Bunnyboo50

    I'm retiring from this wiki since I see no signs of a second series. So I need someone who is tough enough to take care of the wiki and make it better, then I'll find away to make you an adminster.

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  • Bunnyboo50

    Powerpuff Reunion!

    November 16, 2010 by Bunnyboo50

    This is the reunion for all the users on here! Let's chat, talk, and other stuff!

    So post all your favorite Powerpuff characters pictures here!

    Chat, share what you love, and let's come up with new ideas to make this wiki more popular!

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  • BubblesxBoomer4ever

    the guy at sonic news network is too strict too harsh and um yeahz i know hes just doing his job but still

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  • BubblesxBoomer4ever

    were did u go

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  • BubblesxBoomer4ever

    here you go

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  • Seddie Lover

    PPGs Z! Episode Guesses!

    September 24, 2010 by Seddie Lover

    Okay, this is the episodes you have to guess corrctly. You know, what the episode's name called. So tell me your answers by comments and GOOO!!!!! Try your best dudes:

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  • BubblesxBoomer4ever

    Club Boomer

    September 21, 2010 by BubblesxBoomer4ever


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  • Bunnyboo50

    Who is your favorite Rockette Girl? Be honest. I know, their cute, and can't wait to see them in the second series. So which girl:

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  • BubblesxBoomer4ever

    Here's a new pic of the PPNKs

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  • BubblesxBoomer4ever

    powerpuff universe

    September 18, 2010 by BubblesxBoomer4ever

    the pic says it all.

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  • BubblesxBoomer4ever

    ok i know daisy likes dex and bloss so im posting this for her but im also posting this for whoever likes bloss and brick

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  • Seddie Lover

    Club Blossom

    September 17, 2010 by Seddie Lover

    Your a member to Club Blossom! Welcome! Become a member!


    The self-proclaim leader


    5 (series 1) 7 (series 2)


    Bubbles & Butterup




    Professor Utonium

    Anime Conuterpart


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  • Bunnyboo50

    Hey peops I think it's time let's take a quiz. It doesn't matter if your question's wrong. Explore the wiki to get your questions write:

    Quiz 1:

    Who is the leader of the Powerpuff Girls:

    1. Blossom

    2. Bubbles

    3. Buttercup

    Quiz 2:

    Who's signature color is purple:

    1. Blissy

    2. Bessie

    3. Bunny

    Quiz 3:

    Who is the joyful one of The Rowdyruff Boys:

    1. Boomer

    2. Butch

    3. Brick

    Quiz 4:

    Which couple have a love/hate relationship:

    1. Beck/Brat

    2. Butch/Buttercup

    3. Boomer/Bubbles

    4. Brock/Berserk

    5. Brick/Blossom

    6. Bert/Brute

    Quiz 5:

    Which Season (in the seasons so far) does Blossom get chicken pox:

    1. Season 3

    2. Season 2

    3. Season 1

    Quiz 6:

    (Hard Question) Deja View appeared in the second series, oringarly, in the first series, what season was Deja View was going to be in and…

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  • BubblesxBoomer4ever

    OK guys I'm posting this cause i want to know who plays FusionFall and the powerpuff girls are in it, so comment and tell me what u guys think

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  • Seddie Lover

    What is your favorite Powerpuff Girl/Rowdyruff Boy couple?

    Blossom and Brick

    Bubbles and Boomer

    Buttercup and Butch

    Be honest, okay. Oh and I saw one of you have a love for BlossomxDexter. You can share that with us.

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