Berserk x blaze by sweetxdeidara-d3l38th


Blaster (Brother), Blade (Brother), Berserk (Wife)

Hair Color

Dark orange

Eye Color

Dark ruby


12 (Season 1), 13 (Season 2), 14 (Season 3), 15 (Season 4), 16 (Season 5), 17 (Season 6), 18 (Season 7), 19 (Season 8), 20 (Season 9), 21 (Season 10), 22 (Season 11), 23 (Season 12), 26 (Mysteries)


February 25

Signature Color

Blood red

Love Interest



Rock music, heavy metal music, playing musical instruments, listening to music, Berserk, Blossom, Brick, His brothers


Oppressor Plutonium, Brat, Brute

He is one of Berserk's male counterparts,and boyfriend. He is one of Brick's mirror counterpart and the leader of the RowdyRock Boys. His signature color is  blood red. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen.


Ripped red muscle shirt over an black open hoodie with RRKB written on the side. Ripped skinny jeans. A red belt with a RRKB buckle, and multiple chains hanging from it, gold zippers with chains hanging from them. Black hit-tops with red outline. A red hat with black graffiti with RRKB written on the side has chains hanging from it as well. Has piercings all around his ears. Wears dark red fingerless gloves with spiked cuffs.


He is just as smart as his other counterparts, he calm and collected. His signature saying is: "RowdyRock Boys, let's ROCK!" He has a good sense of intuition, it showed when they had first came to Townsville and they were meeting the PPGs and RRBs for the first time. He drank a soda, showing that he believed them when they told him and his brothers the truth, whilst his brothers asked if he had gone insane.


  • Energy Projection: Brick is believed to be able to produce energy blasts.
    • Laser Vision (Possibly): Brick is likely able to fire lasers from his eyes, like Bubbles can.
  • Flight: Brick and his brothers are able to fly, without the need of wings[1].
  • Heat Vision (Possibly): Brick and his brother are able to heat objects by simply looking at it.
  • Sonic Boom Generation (Possibly): Brick and his brothers is likely able to create sonic booms, that devastating their environment[9].
  • Superhuman Durability: Brick and his brothers are extremely durable, and far more durable than the Powerpuff Girls[1].
  • Superhuman Speed: Brick and his brothers are very fast. Their speed is likely on par or even surpassing the speed of the Powerpuff Girls, which would mean their speed is absolute and allows them to travel through time[1].
  • Superhuman Strength: Brick and his brothers are extremely strong, with their strength levels far surpassing those of the Powerpuff Girls[1].
  • Typhogenesis: While flying, Brick and his brothers can produce an obtrusively smoke in their color. The smoke disables the sight and breathing of all who are caught in it[1].
  • X-ray Vision (Possibly) : Brick and his brothers are likely able to see through objects.


Blade (Brother)

Blaster (Brother)

Berserk (Girlfriend)

Brute (Enemy)

Brat (Enemy)

Oppressor Plutonium (Enemy)

Blossom (Close Friend)

Bubbles (Close Friend)

Buttercup (Close Friend)

Brick (Friendly Rival)

Boomer (Close Friend)

Butch (Close Friend)