Rowdyrock boys by sweetxdeidara-d3gtkbh


Blaze (RRKB) (Brother), Blaster (Brother)

Signature Color

Dark Forest Green

Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark forest green


12 (Season 1), 13 (Season 2), 14 (Season 3), 15 (Season 4), 16 (Season 5), 17 (Season 6), 18 (Season 7), 19 (Season 8), 20 (Season 9), 21 (Season 10), 22 (Season 11), 26 (Mysteries)


Fighting, Buttercup, Butch, Brute, his brothers, music, sports


Oppressor Plutonium, PPNKG, losing

Love Interest



February 25

He is Brute's male counterpart and Butch's mirror counterpart. He is just as aggressive as the rest of his countparts are. He is mostly calm and brazen.


Ripped dark green muscle shirt over an black open hoodie with RRKB written on the side. Ripped skinny jeans, a green belt with a RRKB buckle, and multiple chains hanging from it, gold zippers with chains hanging from them. Black hit-tops with dark green outline. He has piercings on his the top of his left ear and three more piercings on his right ear along the bottom. He wears a golden ankh necklace and forest green fingerless wrist-length gloves.


He loves sports and thinks of Buttercup and Butch as friendly rivals in anything. He is distrustful of people that he does not know. He has a mean temper just like his other counterparts and he gets easily angered when someone challenges him in anything.


  • Energy Absorption (Possibly): Butch is likely able to create an energy shield that can be used to absorb energy[7].
  • Energy Projection: Butch is able to produce energy blasts.
    • Laser Vision (Possibly): Butch is likely able to fire lasers from his eyes, like the Powerpuff Girls can.
  • Flight: Butch and his brothers are able to fly, without the need of wings[8].
  • Heat Vision (Possibly): Brick and his borther are able to heat objects by simply looking at it.
  • Sonic Boom Generation (Possibly): Butch and his brothers is likely able to create sonic booms, that devastating their environment[7].
  • Superhuman Durability: Butch and his brothers are extremely durable, and far more durable than the Powerpuff Girls[8].
  • Superhuman Speed: Butch and his brothers are very fast. Their speed is likely on par or even surpassing the speed of the Powerpuff Girls, which would mean their speed is absolute and allows them to travel through time[8].
  • Superhuman Strength: Butch and his brothers are extremely strong, with their strength levels far surpassing those of the Powerpuff Girls[8].
  • Typhogenesis: While flying, Butch and his brothers can produce an obtrusively smoke in their color. The smoke disables the sight and breathing of all who are caught in it[8].
  • X-ray Vision (Possibly): Butch and his brothers are likely able to see through objects.


Blaze (RRKB) (Brother)

Blaster (Brother)

Blossom (Friend)

Buttercup (Friendly Rival)

Bubbles (Friend)

Brute (Girlfriend/Enemy)

Berserk (Enemy)

Brat (Enemy)

Brick (Friend)

Butch (Friendly Rival)

Boomer (Friend)

Oppressor Plutonium (Enemy)