Bianca is the real third sister of the strongershine girls. She dosen't appear in the powerpuff girls: action time series except for cameos, but in Powerpuff Girls T and the thunder exclusive episodes of ppg: action time.


Her signiture color is orange and her hair is dark brown in three balls of pigtails on the side of her head. She wears a orange sleevless dress with a black stripe and an orange and gold diamond ring. She is also sometimes shown with yellow bows in her pigtails.

Interactions with others

Bell (enemy)

Bunny (sister)

Blossom (friend)

Bubbles (best friend)

Buttercup (friend??)

Brick (enemy)

Butch (enemy)

Boomer (friend)

Bomb (arch enemy, mirror counterpart)

Bear (enemy)

Bake (enemy)

Brenda (ex-enemy, friend)

Dragondark boys (enemies)

Dragondone boys (friends)

Barasia (enemy)

Brenain (Frienemy)

Bell (Frienemy)

Sunpuff girls (friends)

Superruff boys (enemies)

Secretruff boys (enemies)

Episode appeances

Boys (cameo)

The secret of the strongershine girls

Super off

Search for the strongershine (secret of the strongershine girls part 2)

A day in the life of the shadowpuff girls

Mirror, mirror (cameo)

Here come the strongershine girls (cameo)