Bear is one of The Strongersharp Girls and the evil counterpart of Bunny. She enjoys gossiping, playing cruel pranks, and threatening people. (Including her sisters.)


She is a mean-spirited, snobby, selfish, rude, and cruel. May act mean (a lot).

Interaction with others

Berserk (Friend)

Brat (Friend)

Brute (Friend)

Bunny ( Arch-enemy)

The Powerpuff Girls ( Enemies)

The Rowdyruff Boys ( Ex-friends)

The Rowdyrunk Boys (Friends)

The Strongershine Girls (Enemies)


Bear used to have a long ponytail, until Bear decided that she didn't like her hair, so she had Brat cut it, although Brat is not a very good hairdresser and it became a messy brown ponytail. Bear wanted to get it cut better, but Brat refused to let her go to the salon. So, she currently sports a messy brown ponytail, hoop earrings, a deep purple tank top with a black bear on it, a black mini-skirt with A bloodlike liquid decal and black high-heeled boots.


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