The sixteenth of the series. Bubbles and Brat race each other to get the newest popular outfit design by the famous “Deνer Lύke”.


The Powerpuff Girls and The Rowdyruff Boys are at the mall. They are there since Bubbles wants to get the newest outfit of her favorite designer. The Rowdyruff Boys and Blossom and Buttercup are bore with this. Shortly, they are confronted by The Powerpunk Girls. Brute mentions that Brat will be the first to get the newest design. Bubbles says she wouldn't, but Brat with a grin says they'll race each other for it. Bubbles accepts as they fly off racing. So Blossom, Buttercup, Berserk, Brute, and The Rowdyruff Boys just sit and watch and eat popcorn. Boomer says he'll be rooting for Bubbles.

Bubbles and Brat are racing each other to their favorite designer and get the outfit. They use all their attack power. Though, this leads the mall completely be destroyed as it cospelles with everyone in it running away. The outfit's on the ground and Bubbles takes it while Brat faints. Meanwhile, The others outside, Bubbles is wearing the outfit: a sky blue evenning gown. Bubbles loves it a lot, as she has an uncousious Brat in her hand and tosses her to Brat's sisters. The Powerpunk Girls, mad at their sister's defeat, flies home. Bubbles hugs her sisters and kisses Boomer and high fives Brick and Butch. They then fly off.
New Outfit
New Outfit

Cool Outfit