The first episode of the new Powerpuff Girls series where Bubbles falls in love with Blossom's luxorious hair and Buttercup gets jealous of it. Bubbles tells Buttercup about Blossom's secret to having luxorious hair in her "ear" and accidentally lets it out, causing Buttercup to put an end to being sisters with Bubbles. Can the beautiful Blossom ever find a way to bring them back together without any emotion? Or will they be split up Powerpuff Girls forever???


The episode starts out with Buttercup, Bubbles, and Blossom on their bed. Buttercup and Bubbles are brushing Blossoms hair because they don't have anything to do. Bubbles makes about 100 very nice comments about Blossoms "beautiful" hair. Buttercup sits there withn a frown on her face. Buttercup was jealous of Blossoms hair. A couple hours later, Blossom whispers a secret to Bubbles. Bubbles giggles and goes back to coloring. Buttercup, feeling left out, pouts and lays her head on the table. At school, Blossom shows off her hair to eveyone making Buttercup go crazy. She yells at Blossom and kicks Bubbles. Buttercup thretens Bubbles to tell what Blossom whispered to her yesterday. Bubbles tells Buttercup that Blossom hid Buttercups shampoo from her and uses it all the time. Buttercup, furious, tells them she doesn't want to be their sister anymore. A few days later, Buttercup doesn't come home. Blossom gets worried and starts crying saying its all her fault. She puts Butercups shampoo back and hugs her sister. The next day, they search for Buttercup but have no luck. But there was one place left.... the Mayors office. They fly there and find Buttercup sleeping on the ground. Blossom wakes her up and says she is sorry. Buttercup is still angry but excepts Blossoms apoligy. They all hug and promise not to use each otgers stuff again.