Boomer Crying After giving up the Dolphin

The tweleth episode of Season 1. Boomer finds a sea creature on land and tries to take care of it, meanwhile, The Rowdyruff Boys and The Powerpuff Girls must keep it from dying before Professor Utonium returns.


When one day, after The Rowdyruff Boys and The Powerpuff Girl defeat a giant fish monster Boomer finds a dried-out dolphin on the sand of the beach. He then brings it home. When Brick and Butch are in their bedroom waiting for Boomer to come home, the dolphin falls on Butch, suprising Brick. Boomer explains his situation to his brothers. They apprently understand, and Brick goes to the their tree house to get the Powerpuff Girls for help. Bubbles and talks to Brick, everone goes back inside. They meet the other boys there boomer explains everything. Buttercup is about to say that's the dumbest thing she heard, though is stopped by Bubbles, and tells him that she'll and her sisters wil help him, while Buttercup isn't too open to the idea. So they go to the living room. Blossom uses her ice breath to freeze everything, while Brick uses his fire breath to melt the ice. Butch then claims their definitley going to be in trouble. Brick in an upset matter, demands Butch to be quiet. Brick becomes mad and argues with Boomer saying it's all his fault while being in water. Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, and Butch break them up, and the dolphin is happy and overjoyed as he flips over Boomer playfully. Boomer pets the mammal . It then flips over Bubbles and once again Boomer. He then flips all of them. Then they hear Professor open the door with his keys. the boys and girls try to hide the dolphin in there as well as the water. Butch sucks all the water inside him. The Professor appears inside the others protend they did nothing. however when Blossom accidentally opens the door to the house all the water comes out, and the dolphin is smiling. The Professor wants the truth from Boomer. Boomer sadly tells him what happened to the dolphin and the Professor tells him dolphins need to be in the sea. He will never forget the dolphin the episode ends with Boomer crying and Bubbles and his brothers trying to cheer him up.