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Ami Goutokuji


Miyako, her family, Kuriko, Eika The Powerpuff Girls, Ken


Mojo Jojo, being provoked

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Miyako (older sister)

Mr. & Mrs. Goutokuji (parents)

Grandma Kiyoko (grandmother)

Ami Goutokuji is Miyako's younger sister who lives with her parents, who Miyako doesn't see often. Ami is playful and energetic. She is best friends with Kuriko due to the fact their sisters are The Powerpuff Girls Z. Her name in the English Version is Dolly.


Her hair is much longer than her sister, and is seen pigtails most of the time. She wears a oxic buttom on her hair. Ami wears a similar outfit to her sister.


Her age is younger than Kuriko, for her being shorter than her.


Like Kuriko does to Momoko, Ami seems to try to look for ways to bother Miyako, her sister. Though, unlike Kuriko, it is shown she possesses some muntal respect for her sister and has shown she truly does love Miyako, even if she doesn't always show it. Ami is quite playful and energetic, who adores going outside. She is good friends with Kuriko and Ken. Ami is kind, naive, and full of energy. She also can be somewhat mischievous.