Akina Nakamura
Bell in PPGZ by J8d


Miko, Jazmin, helping others, love, kindness, children, family, her mother, The Powerpuff Girls Z


being bother, people begging, villains, being rivaled

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Super Form

Cloud Bell


Music Notes

The generous one of the PPGZ. Akina is often polite and very kind, but can get extremely mad when she is provoked. She loves music and keeping the city safe.


Akina is known to be a generous person. She lives with her mother, Ema, who is sweet and cheerful. It unknown if she's either disvorce or widowed. Akina is polite and very kind, but will get mad when provoked. Akina is quite mature, as she know her manners well. Although, despite being somewhat mature, she is still the ditziest and naive one of the group. She became member after her class, and was attack by monsters, but saved by The Powerpuff Girls Z. As The Powerpuff Girls Z were assembling members for The Strongershine Girls Z, Akina became a member with Miko, and later Jazmin joined in. Ema, her mother, isn't too fond of her daughter being a member of The Strongershine Girls Z, but allows Akina to do so, cause it makes her happy. Akina's main weapon is tamborines. She represents music notes.


She uses two tamborines. This makes lots of noises towards villains that come around.