Buttercups girly new outfit


Children at school, are scare of Buttercup's tomboyish personality, that Buttercup is force to be girlier with the help of Bubbles and some by Boomer.

bubbles and boomer noticed how buttercup was acting so they took her by surprise and put her in the janiters closet with a bunch of make up and clothing.

buttercup: hey wh-where am i. ooh bubles, boomer when i get my hands on you ill ill.

bubbles: sorry buttercup but you need to change.

boomer: yeah we have to make you uhh make you,

buttercup: what, make me what?!

boomer: GIRLY! there i said it.

buttercup: pftt! no way!

bubbles: please everyone is scared of you because of your tomboyish apperence.

buttercup: (thinks) they're scared of me?(thinks) alright ill do it.

1 hour later

bubbles and boomer: perfect

when buttercup walds out side all the boy run up to her asking her for a date except butch.

butch: buttercup wha-what happened to you/

buttercup: well i became girly so no one would be scared.

butch: wheres the butercup i know? the one that doesnt care who anyone thinks of her. and if they have a promblem with it they can talk to your fists.

butch walks away.

buttercup comes out of the school like a tomboy again and apologizez to butch they hug and go get a pizza.