This is the 13 episode. Brick and Blossom argue for episode as their team battles a giant monster.


At home, Brick and Blossom battle each other in a race car game as their teams cheer for them. They both argue, and Blossom wins the match. They get a call from the Mayor saying a giant monster is destroying Townsville and the two teams go there, while Brick and Blossom arguing, much to the others annoyance. The giant destroys Townsville's buildings, streets, and acrade.Then Blossom competes against Brick to see which team could defeat the monster. Each of them can't defeat it, and Brick and Blossom begin arguing again. So, Bubbles, Buttercup, Boomer and Butch simply ask the monster can he leave and stop destroying Townsville. So the giant does, much to Brick and Blossom's shock. Then Bubbles, Buttercup, Boomer, and Butch then talk some sense into their siblings and then the four simply fly away leaving Brick and Blossom left behind. Brick flirts with Blossom after that, but Blossom's annoy causing Brick and Blossom to fly off arguing.